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5 ways to reuse your Glossier Pink Pouch

Glossier has taken the skincare/ beauty world by storm. But they're not just stopping there. After this year of taking Glossier international, Emily Weiss (founder of Glossier) opened pop up shops in an exclusive tour, including other shops in the U.K and Canada!! After years of having their small storefront being hunted down in New York they decided to make it open to other cities, like Dallas and San Francisco. If you don't know already everyone is LOVING these pink pouches. Comes with every order, these pouches can be used for so much more.

5 ways to reuse your GLOSSIER pouch:

1. Clutch

This is my favorite of all the ways.... it can hold your wallet and phone and there is probably still some room to sneak in your balm dot com...just incase !!!

2. To hold school suplies

My pencil bag for school is a Glossier pink pouch and it fits everything I need on a day-to-day basis!! I definetly recommend this for school, because its so easy to spot AND its easy to clean, plus no one else will have it :)

3. The perfect travel kit

I've also tried this and it totally works!! It fits a passport, gum, balm dot com, essential oils, rings, and ear buds!! It's so convientent especially on a plane because it can be easly accessed.

4. Bikini Bag

For me- I don't like to arrive on an island or be at the beach and have to tear up my suitcase looking for my swimsuit!! This pouch helps SO much, it can only fit one suit but if you have more pouches this is perfect for traveling.

5. Jewlery case

It's just the right size and super cute!! I like to keep my bracelets, watches, and rings in mine and I keep my necklaces in another bag so they don't get tangled.



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