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I create my own content but sometimes I need an extra push so I can write something that's fun, special, and hopefully interesting. I thought I'd share with you some of the ways I get my inspiration.


I get inspiration from so many things but my #1 way of inspiration is traveling. You get to see so many cultures and people and experience new things. I love traveling for inspiration to Italy, France, Greece, NYC, and LA. All the places that I have gone have given me inspiration but these are my favorite places to look for new ideas.


As you can see the inspiration of Milan's fashion week is texture and pattern. A lot is going on here but still looks gorgeous.


Magazines are also a huge inspiration. In my closet I have a collage of different styles and ads of fashion along with models and other prints, patterns, designs, and names of big (and small) brands. I love Vogue & Harpers Bazaar.


I love Pinterest. Your eyes are opened to things all over the world on one website. EVERYTHING is there. I like to pin because it's easy to organize photos or styles that I find interesting. Also you can get yourself out there. By publishing this blog post to Pinterest others are directed to my site and I get more people to meet new people.


I love Bloglovin' because of the community of bloggers. We are all trying to inspire others on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle so to have a group of people all posting their thoughts and inspiration is nice. is a website where bloggers post where they got what they are wearing. You can search hundreds of bloggers style and see where they got it. Now with the app if a blogger posts a photo with a little heart then you know they are with! They can link their exact outfit or show you other pieces that are similar.



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