I love to go to New York but hateeee cold weather! New York during the summer is the very best time to go, but with Christmas just around the corner New York is full of holiday cheer. This trip I discovered more little Soho shops, and kept up with some of my favorite stores to visit when I'm in town. Some of the things I saw this trip in stores that were so cute are linked below! 


Tao Downtown

Plaza Food Hall

Polo Bar




LALALALA LAL LA LAND!!!!! I HEART LA so so much. I've been fortunate to be able to spend months at a time and even gotten to live in the golden state. Where I was born, Newport Beach, is an hour south of LA (on a day without traffic). I've spent countless hours just being absorbed in the water, mostly....but the West Coast is know for it's usually cold waters. No worries, if you're traveling for summer, I'm sure you'll be fine...


Ahhh my second home. I've grown up in the golden state and spend any extra time there every chance I get!! In LA the shoping, eating, and seeing is an ENDLESS list of amazing things!! There is so much to do you would have to be there a couple of weeks to get it all in so I'll just give you my top 23!!

ONE- Breakfast @ BHH!! (THE BEST EVER!!!!!) I LOVE The Beverly Hills Hotel, it has the best location, the best places for pictur...

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and more to come...