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Photo Assignment 8: Spring Break

Slide show is above and individual images along with their respected captions follows the body of my blog post.

Spring break 2023. While on spring break I was juggling three cameras. My DSLR Nikon for this class, my new film camera (Canon AE-1) and my disposable Fuji film camera. I was confident and unwilling to give up any of them. I was determined to capture everything. That being said I had a few obstacles come my way. First off it was raining nearly the entire time in Newport the first start of the week which effected my ability to capture anything since I couldn't take my camera outside. We also pretty much watched movies most of the trip. Secondly, the day I met up with my friends - which is where I intend for this project to skyrocket- I had acquired the stomach bug. Not a pretty sight, nor involved me leaving a bed for an entire day. Which it then was raining the rest of the time I was with my friends expect for one day. The late submission for this project is due to American Airlines. I was supposed to be in Dallas at 6:30 pm Sunday night but I rolled in at 2 am Monday morning due to a plane part malfunction. One five hour delay at LAX alone and a weak stomach later I am happy to report I am safe and sound in Dallas. While I intended to go to bed early last night so I could go drop off my film from my cameras today so I could also submit that since I got some really great content, the lack of sleep ate at me. I am sad to report I have yet to be able to acquire those images just yet.

However, I throughly enjoyed getting to capture the scenes and my friends in what short time span of a spring break that was left for me to be well and in conditions to capture. I think next time I should not overwhelm myself with so many cameras. I captured images of my parents which I already cherish and took pictures I actually really liked.

For the first image I really loved the colors and the great lighting I captured of my parents. It is clear and I love dhow I caught them off guard. The second picture is of a place I truly love. Having been born in Newport Beach, spending every summer there leading up to moving there for the year of 2014- this place was very special to my childhood. Wether it was on bike rides leaving Junior Guards weaving through the people or going there after school I love the Balboa Fun Zone with my entire heart. For the third image I actually really like which may sound strange but it kind of is a captured part of traveling with my family. Our luck is funny. Most times we run into little issues, it is never the easy route for Eilands. I captured us having to be moved to a different room because we were put in one we had not reserved. I like how my mom is looking over the other way than my dad. I also thought the lighting was interesting in it as well. I love the image of the palm trees I captured too, I actually think I would use this as a screensaver. I like the contrast of the green amongst the gray clouds. As well as there only being 3 upfront, it kind reminded me of my parents of I. Then, I have my image of my friends in the car. We went everywhere: Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Newport Beach, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Melrose Ave- everywhere in this car. A lot of the time we didn't get out which is why some of my pics are in the car. The following image is my friend McKenna Madden from the side mirror through her seat belt strap. I thought this was an interesting point of view and one that illustrated the fact that we drove the entire way on PCH with the windows down for hours. Tanged messes were our hair- which can also be seen through her attempt to brush away her blonde locks. The seventh image I was resistant to include however it kind resembles a film picture so I wanted to include it. I liked that it was taken in too low of a shutter speed allowing for movement to be shown. With just the horizon in focus and one might say it may be just a bit too light but I think I like it better this way. My eighth picture takes the cake in my favorites of this project. I absolutely love the vibrance of the trees I was able to capture through this- as well as my interesting point of view framing it with the interior of the car. The contrast of the green palms, the black leather interior and the red from the clock dial- I believe this is my most successful in this series. I also quite like the sereneness of the lone lifeguard tower on the desolate beach. Some nature with the plants peaking through at the bottom of the image and I think it adds to a feeling of completeness and loneliness. I think I captured a feeling here. I like the little head bobbing on the right of the image and the man with it, as well as the full body human walking to the tower as well. It feels like there is still something left to come.

On the Balboa Island Ferry, Randi and Jay Eiland cross Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, California on March 13, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

The enterence of the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach, California from the Balboa Island ferry on March 13, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Awaiting a hotel room, Jay and Randi Eiland pass time in the lobby of Lido House Hotel in Newport Beach, California on March 13, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Palm trees in Newport Beach, California on a cloudy day on March 14, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

While on spring break, Allegra Finch and Mckenna Madden drive along Pacific Coast Highway on March 17, 2023 in Malibu. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

With the windows down and wind in her hair, Mckenna Madden rides along Pacific Coast Highway on March 17, 2023 through Malibu. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Surfers amongst the waves on the side of Pacific Coast Highway on March 17, 2023 in Malibu. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Framed by the interior of a car, a hill of palm trees lining Pacific Coast Highway entering Pacific Palisades on March 17, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

A Lifeguard stand off First street in Manhattan Beach, California on March 19, 2023 stands alone. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

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