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Assignment 7: Your Choice

When it came to this assignment I kind of struggled with which skills I've learned in this course and wanted to apply for this. I'm not the biggest fan of shooting in the dark because I have a hard time making sure it's not grainy and that my subject is well lit. environmental was a bit difficult for me finding interesting subjects to capture and I didn't hit the point of eye contact with the camera of my subjects. however, one that I’ve been studying and spending time on is depth of field photos. the kind of photos I've been spending time with practicing for SMU Look magazine photography for fashion. I really love fashion photography and I spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for shoots or how I would pose or capture certain moments. I have been super busy taking these photos for the magazine as in I have one or two shoots a week right now and I love it because I get to practice the skills, I've been able to learn in this class on how to use my camera sufficiently. throughout this class I've been able to grasp a better understanding and knowledge of how my camera works and how you manipulate it to get what I'm looking for. I think this knowledge that I've acquired from this course is immensely valuable to the success I hope to have in this department and career. In this assignment I've included some photos from a recent shoot with Look for trends print page shoot I did last Friday. I think something I'm going to have to learn is making my model the most comfortable I can get them. a lot of our models are just as new students who have never modeled before which makes it difficult and we have such great pieces and such beautiful models to create such beautiful pictures because they are uncomfortable or have never done this before. Before this course I just played around with my camera and not knowing what the result was going to be when I finally took a picture. Because of this course I have been enabled to create well thought out and stunning pictures not only for myself but also for the magazine. and the images you will see that I've included images that are tightly framed fashion photography. this is my favorite kind of fashion photography more like editorial shoots and I know I've mentioned it before my blog. I am so proud of and absolutely love the photo of the heels balancing the Balenciaga bag. I think that was such a good find of my eye and I am super proud of myself that I discovered it while I was shooting. I was supposed to be taking a pic of the pants but quickly saw the opportunity and took it while my model was on the ground. I also included a few other options that are photos I really loved that I took that I think show really detail and that exhibit my ability he knowledge of how to use and work your camera from what I've learned in this class. I think that if I were to do another your choice assignment again, I would choose to redo environmental even though that was hardest for me I think that that is a huge part of photography is photo graphing people who or doing something important to themselves or impacting others. I think I successfully illustrated my skills and talents in my images, and I am so grateful to this class to be able to have these skills.

While in studio, SMU Look's fashion creative team brings their crafted outfits to life with SMU students modeling for the print in Dallas, Texas on March 3, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Maya Basra poses for SMU Look, a student run fashion magazine, inside a studio on campus in Dallas, Texas on March 3, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)

Fashion carefuly crafted inside of Southern Methodist Univeristy's fashion magazine, Look, to provide students creative and professional fashion experience while still on campus in Dallas, Texas on March 3, 2023. (Arden Eiland/ SMU)


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