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Assignment 6: Depth of Field

I love depth of field. I love how you can focus on certain things and blur out others. I love how you get to choose what the center of your image is. You get to choose where the eye is drawn. I think I successfully answered this project with my images. I think I captured the depth of field in my subjects and my multiple images accurately. I also included a few images from an SMU look photo shoot in an editorial for jewelry that I shot last week. I think that some of the images of the pieces used can be an example of depth of field.

Ways in which I struggled with this project include: the lack of a computer, time, and photoshop. I am unable to access my wix account as of right now, because of my computer being out of my possession. I will upload this to my blog as soon as I get it back. I am just unable to change my password to it because it’s already signed in and saved on my other computer, but I can’t change my password because I don’t have access to that email. So I guess another way in which I struggled is now realizing how unorganized that is. I

Ideally I think I would’ve wanted to alter the images colors to make them more saturated, or just added a sheen of pink in a few of them however, with the lack of my computer, and therefore Photoshop, I was unable to do so. I kind of struggled with my camera because I feel like my subjects I chose weren’t exactly in a line like my camera is able to focus on. For example I really wanted to focus on the crystals in the chandelier, however because of my camera, the focus is just in the line of the image instead of like specific parts, because that would be super complicated for a camera to be able to do. I think that taking into consideration my situation, I completed this project very successfully. I was really worried about getting this project done and actually accurately reflecting what I was supposed to succeed in for it I fulfilled that wish. I had set up a few more sets so you could say, however, it was too chaotic that my camera couldn’t focus on one direct thing like I wanted it to. I had to move on from those specific sets due to timing and inability to figure out if my camera was able to do what I wanted it to. However looking back on these sets, I had chosen, I think that, regardless it would not have accurately expressed what this project is.

I absolutely love the photos I took of the jewelry on the stand in my bedroom. I think it looks clean. I honestly think it looks edited even though it’s not in the colors. It's really great, in my opinion. I really enjoyed getting to dive into this topic in photography and I hope I can play around with it more when I have access to my technology again.


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