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It all started when my mom hung the Celine ad for the store opening at Highland Park Village in my closet back in 2016. That began my blog and my closet collage journey. While in quarantine I decided I was going to redo my collage and I took all the pictures down but I kept the Celine ad. This time around I used much smaller pictures witch made the process take a lot longer but I'm really happy with the outcome. I always make sure my room an closet is organized and by having the collage it reminds me of what I like and what makes me happy. This collage also works as a mood board when fashion sketching or illustration and mood boards! It helps me put together outfits too. I find my pictures in magazines or on Pinterest and I print them off! If you end up making one yourself, DM me on instagram so I can see your creation too! @ardeneiland



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