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Aimee Song known from her blog,, has such a great wardrobe. Full of color, texture, styles, and designs she knows what's in. I've been following Aimee's blog for awhile, and it's always been the destination for all things style. I added some pieces that I think Aimee would buy so you can replicate her outfits, some are the same as what is in her closet and some look so similar but priced much more reasonable!! Other than just fashion, Amiee has a talent for Interior Design. She also has a clothing line with her sister Dani, called Two Songs. Starting her fashion blog in 2008, she has captured the attention of her growing 4.8 million followers.Though she does have an amazing and lively life, she does show us the real her. Sooo I think it's evident that Aimme has made an impact on the way I view other bloggers & the way I see style. Follow her instagram at: @songofstyle and her blog at: !!!!


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