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SPOTLIGHT: Textured Ponytails

I.LOVE.TEXTURED.PONYTAILS!!! This popular hair style is so so so easy & probably one of the most trendy hair styles out there. I love this style for three reasons:

ONE- It's so versitile and able to be dressed up or down!!

TWO- It might be the cutest most simple trend ever!!!

THREE- it NEVER goes out of style.

----Plus you don't have to have fresh and clean hair to do it!

So when I do this look I like to have Bobby Pins (3), a hair brush, a clear elastic hair tie, a curling iron (not required), and sea salt/volumizing spray!!

The bobby pins will help hold together certain annoying strands of hair that no matter what you do WILL NOT stay down!

The hair brush will help with the ponytail and to tease the hair!!! The curling iron isn't neccessary only if you want quick beachy waves. The sea salt spray will help hold curls and create natural ones. Soooo next are the steps:

ONE- You can shower and dry your hair (a quick blow dry will help give volume) or you can just start without a shower (may not be as quick and easy but still can be done)!!!

TWO- Next you're going to put your hair into a ponytail (don't flip your hair over, just start collecting hair and adding to the ponytail. Tie it together and losen up pieces but making sure the top and under the tail is secure.

THREE- Spray some of the product in your hair- fluffing it and scrunching it. This is when you can start to curl tips if wanted.

FOUR- Put bobby pins in places you want to keep sleek or held together.

FIVE- Volia!! Perfect and easy pony that looks SO SO cute!

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