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Glossy, Glossier.

One of my favorite brands + beauty company, Glossier, a New York based company started by Emily Weiss had their first ever pop up shop in Dallas!!! Located on North Henderson the show room was an entire mood board. From the reps and set up it was like stepping back into NYC. I picked up a few things and added to my collection. So heres my over view on what I have and how I love it!! Glossier is all about true beauty, make up comes second right after skin.



balm dot com

rose- my #1 favorite! it smells like rose water and has a pink tint to it.

coconut- so so good. smells like fresh coconuts and is extra creamy.

birthday cake- o.m.g! AMAZING. it has sparkles, a light cream color and smells just like confetti cake! inspired by Momofuku cake...always one of my VERY favorites.

mint- cooling and refreshing, clear and super glossy. L O V E !!

cloud paint

beam- a creamy peachy blush with coral undertones. easy to blend and doesn't stain your cheeks!!

puff- creamy and BARBIE pink. Perfect for tan glowing skin.



glossier first power but it's not just powder. it's a compound where it covers your pores, a new take on matte skin, and super light weight. Add on top of your STRETCH CONCEALER or SKIN TINT and your ready to go.

boy brow

my favorite product of glossier. boy brow gives your brows that bushy model brows that everyone wants. just two swipes can change your daily brow routine.


the perfect creamy highlighter than makes you glow, but transparent enough to be able to build up. Quartz is a rose goldfish shine while Topaz is the sun kissed glow all models are wearing.

priming moisturizer

a light weight and skin hydrating lotion, perfect for breakout prone skin due to its simple ingredients.

skin tint & streach concealer

creamy and pigmented to cover your relishes but not dry out your skin.


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