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SPOTLIGHT- mini wallet

Were in school from 8 to 3, were carrying around more binders, books and backpacks than humanly necessary (the weight of my backpack!). I wanted to talk about one of the most underrated accessories...the mini wallet. The mini wallet is the perfect 3 in one, like the one above. It can't be over stuffed and will be at the tip of your fingers, also it's not putting any pressure on your back. Now, I know this wouldn't be used for school subjects but it will help while in school, going somewhere, or even just walking around school you don't need to bring your bag everywhere.

I love mini wallets! They hold only the necessities. One of my favorite styles is from FENDI These mini wallets were doubled up and held together by a gold ring for the handle. I love this style for three reasons:

- It looks so much smarter than your average wallet

-Perfect for school or a football game! It being

so small you can fit it in your denim pocket!

- You can personalize them and make them

fit right in to your wardrobe

This makes it so much easier to still have room in your backpack and not have a massive wallet in your hand. Due to the handiness of the rings, you have two hands free!!

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