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Emily Ratajkowski- stealing style

It's known that all models have the best style, whether it's Gigi, Bella, Karlie, Chiara, Cara, Kendall, Cindy, Kate, Naomi, Emily, Heidi, Miranda, Winnie, Rosie, Taylor, or Hailey. I think Emily has one of the best. She's crazy confident and doesn't take herself too seriously- thus creating the perfect personality for an icon. When Emily is strutting the streets she's always dressed to express herself. Her remarkable style makes her one of the most followed model/fashion icons yet, with an astonishing 15.3 million, so far.

Emily is dominating the idea of fashion itself and I hope you'll help her do it. I've collected my top 5 favorites of her looks and found details of each piece, and some similar so we can remake the looks ourselves!! Shop the pieces by clicking the "+"...




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