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Since going back to school means you have to have supplies and other items, you need to make sure that your supplies stay yours. It can be easy to misplace your newly purchased necessities when you're going from one end of the school to the other!

Personalizing your supplies can make it easier to recognize if they disappear. By adding a simple patch with your name on it you'll have a greater chance of getting them back in no time.

No one else should want it if it has your name on it! I love to personalize my computer, pencils, agenda, notebooks, and folder just incase someone else finds it they know where to return it. You can personalize your supplies SO many ways - two of my favorites are patches and embroidery.


Cutouts can look SO cool. I do this at the beginning of each month and then one at the end of the month to reflect on how my style has evolved in a course of four weeks. It's super cool to try out & it also is great for decoration! I usually add them on pages of my agenda (like the picture shown)!


Patches can be easily recognized and seen so you can find what you're looking for. Not everyone will have the same patches as you. You can find so many different patches to customize your things to add a creative twist to an everyday school item. You can make your own layouts and styles and make it look just how you like it. Stickers are the same way but instead of adding them to fabric like patches you can add them to just about anything else.


Computer, notebook, pencils, backpack, anything. The next pictures are how I designed mine and what I put them on.









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