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Emerson is one of my closest friends, who also loves all things fashion. She is the sweetest person I know. Emerson lights up every room she walks into without even saying a word. She is so self driven, fashion forward, and she has her own style NO one can steal. She is liked by all, called Emer by some, and inspires me to be the best I can be. Meet my bestie, EMERSON MASON!!!

1. What is your formula for creating your perfect/everyday outfit? 

I love something that you can still move around in it -like jeans or jean shorts & sometimes a jean skirt. I really like a good pair of comfy jeans, a graphic tee because they're nice enough to where you dress them up but it's not crazy nice, and a pair of fashion tennis shoes or espadrilles. If I ever get cold I love to have a denim jacket over my shoulders or a bomber. Denim jackets are great because they're light weight but still provide warmth. 

2. Who is your favorite designer?

I really like Chiara Ferragni. 

3. What is 4 things you ALWAYS bring with you? 

- Evian Spray 

-My Wallet

-Phone with charging phone case

-Lip balm from FRESH

4. Define your personal style

It's between Gigi Hadid & Chiara Ferragni. 

5. What's your favorite fashion trend at the moment? 

I LOVE denim!!! I also really like gingham, skirts, & shoes likes espadrilles. I also think skorts are really cool because I love that they're easy to move around in but take the personality of a skirt. 

6. Whats your favorite thing in your closet right now?

I really like a simple white top because it's easy to dress it up or dress it down with a denim jacket or a bomber. 

7. Patches or pins?


8. Fashion or dance?


9. Who is your style Icon?

Anna Wintour!

10. Denim jacket or Bomber jacket? 

Denim jackets, because you can either add patches or pins and denim is a staple so it goes with a lot so you can wear it with denim too. Bomber jackets are really cool because their unique but I feel like if you get a really cool one it might not go with as much. 

11. If you could have any piece of clothing, accessory, or shoe what would it be? 

I'm obsessed with all the self portrait dresses right now, all the frail designed ones with a lace detail. I just love the lace like design at the bottom. I'm in LOVE with it. 

12. What are your favorite quotes?

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