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Here I'm spilling everything in my beach bag. Some tips & tricks. My family loves to travel to the beach so I have learned many ways to keep my skin from getting burned and other items you need while at the beach.

1. LIP BALM!!!

VERY important. My lips get so dry when I'm out in the sun and wind so it's nice to have a great smelling balm in my bag.

2. Tanning Oil from Sun Bum!

I love this tanning oil so much! It's perfect for a sunkissed glow and has SPF so you won't get sun burned.

3. Passport!!

The only item you really need if you're leaving the country. It's also important if you're wanting the VAT tax returned at departure. Spend over 150 euros in a store and you'll get the tax back when you head home. Best to be prepared for an unexpected treasure.

4. Sunnies!

For the sunny beach days that the sun could not be brighter.

5. Concealer!

I always bring concealer to the beach to add color to my face and touch up any blemishes.

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