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As soon as I saw Stella McCartney's post on Instagram about her new style of sneaker, called #Sneakelyse, I had to search for more!! They are a fun & interesting twist to your everyday shoe but totally amped. Just like the Gucci platform sneakers -- they have a platform bottom which is the perfect way to add a few extra inches. The color of the platform draws attention and makes them playful and more interesting than your average booster. Stella's new collection is described as " A sporty sneaker from Stella McCartney goes modern with a chunky, striped platform, and sawtooth-edged rubber sole" from Nordstrom. I find it as a twist from her classic Elyse shoes. She describes this collection on her website as "The Sneak-Elyse is lightweight with a playful edge, combining classic sneaker elements with the modern facets of the Elyse" and "brings a bold attitude and natural confidence to summer with the new sporty take on our iconic Elyse shoe." These shoes will be seen everywhere soon, so go and get some!



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