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Dress shopping can be so hard. I struggle with finding the perfect dress for parties, lunches, or for fun. I love dresses, but I only wear dresses if I REALLY love them. I found this dress to wear to Senior Recognition for my NCL chapter. I love this dress SO much I've also worn it for Easter and Mother's Day brunch. It fits perfectly, has fun flowy ruffles, and a simple bow tied in front designed from extra sleeves. My dress is 10 Crosby from Derek Lam. I've seen a lot of others wearing it too - a sign of a great design.

I have many places where I need to wear a dress but I can't seem to find any that fit as well as this one or that I love as much. I see so many options online but I can't ever find THE perfect one. Denim dresses are currently my favorite because they are fitting for Summer. I'm also loving floral dresses for the season. I found some dresses made JUST for summer that you definitely should check out.



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