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It's almost summer. Which means it's THE perfect time to celebrate, by keeping your skin prepped & prepared for the hot sun + loads of sunscreen smeared on your face. I love oils and creams to put on my face compared to sticks/balms or sprays. Keeping your skin protected is SO important. I love laying at the beach- feeling my skin take in earths sun. I usually add a few drops of essential oils to my body cream for an extra layer of protection. My number one favorite for any type of skin, is any product from Glossier. All of Glossier's products feel so light and leave my skin feeling softer than ever!

I am currently IN LOVE with Yonka skincare, my current favorite is the Yonka creme 28. It's so creamy and hydrating. It has Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Olive oil, and some essential oils. After I use my creme I top off my summer skin routine with a spritz of my favorite Amore Pacific spray. The number one reason I use this Hydrating & Energy infused spray is because I know what's in it. It has Bamboo sap- which stimulates skin cells to boost hydration, rich in potassium, iron, & magnesium. That keeps my skin looking fresh and dewey ALLL day long.



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