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When it comes to hair I'm constantly amazed by all the ways to make your hair look cool. The trends for hair right now are endless. So to follow and keep up with the trends you need to have the strength and healthy traits that every hair type needs!! These are my fave products to use on my hair. I've been told not many people have the color of hair that I do, I've been told that it's special or good luck. In order to keep my so called "lucky" color, I need to care for it!!! I've changed the length of my hair many many times. Long, short, side bangs, and front bangs (that one was an accident, side note- I was my own stylist). Anywaysss, I like change when it comes to hair. I also love a shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair soft. EXPECIALLY ADDING BODY!! You can never have too much body in your hair, Try something new with your hair this week, it might surprise you how exciting it is to change something you don't think much about.



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