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5 things every wardrobe needs

I think the most important thing in a wardrobe is how you express your personality. Here are some great basics.

1. One pair of really great jeans. My favorite color jeans are either denim or black. I love black jeans but I think denim goes with (almost) everything. Black jeans also make outfits look edgy. Pair with a belt and it can have a whole new twist. Remember the more bold and colorful the better!!

2. Super cute pair of tennies! I could live in my tennies. I love the relaxed idea of them with a cute outfit, i think it looks like you tried but want to add a twist.

3. A jacket. Either it's leather, bomber, hoodie, or military it's a necessity. You never know if it will be cold so I think it's always good to be prepared.

4. Skirts! I absolutely adore skirts. I love skirts paired with sneakers because skirts are known for being elegant but adding sneakers are oh, so LA.

5. An embroidered tee! Most people would say a plain tee and don't get me wrong that is also nice to have, buuuuuttttt an embroidered tee can be so much more exciting!!



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