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DOOOOOOWNN TOWWWNN!! ⭐️🍒⚡️🎡​🌆​LOVE going downtown... all the people and personalities it's SO much fun!! If you read my "roses on the rise" post this is what I wore that day! I love how simple my outfit is and the patches on the shorts make it so cool and colorful!!! These shorts with patches are from billabong + I wore a "C'EST BIEN" x3 tee from Junk food. I had my Louis Vuitton back pack and a KARL keychain. Also (my adidas aka fav shoe) ROYAL BLUE + YELLOW = best combo EVER!!! I love blue and yellow because they're almost opposites and both BRIGHT colors that are BOLD, COOL, and always EFFORTLESS. I LOVE KARLLLL!!!! XO,


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